Sambal Ikan Roa (Manadonese Fish Sambal)


Ikan roa is a smoked flying fish/smoked garfish from Manado (North Sulawesi). This fish is smoked up to the level of drought nearly reached 90%, so this fish becomes dry and hard. Ikan roa usually fried until crispy and blend together with chillies, shallots and tomato.



  • ikan roa (smoked garfish)
  • shallots
  • garlic
  • bird's eye chillies
  • salt and sugar to taste


  • Fry fish until dry or for about 5 minutes and fry garlic and shallots 1-2 minutes.
  • Using mortar and pestle grind together all the ingredients until fish and spices blend together ( I'm not grind my fish until smooth because I like a chunky fish in my sambal)
  • Serve with warm rice



  1. Frederick sondakh says:

    Rica ikan Roa adalah rasa dan nikmat tersediri… karena yang namanya Rica Roa sudah tentu Extra HOt OK!!!! karena itulah aslinya.